Ehrenberg Scholarship Recipients

The prestigious Ehrenberg Scholarship is awarded annually by the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute to a promising first-year marketing student at the University of South Australia. To be eligible to apply candidates must have graduated in the top 5% of high school students in South Australia.

The winner receives a year’s paid fees and can apply for a paid, part-time position as a Research Assistant at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute.

The scholarship is designed to acknowledge high achieving marketing students and provide them with exciting opportunities. It provides support for recipients’ studies and engages them in the world-class research taking place at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute.

2023 – Jonathan Raw & Jessica Tresidder

In 2023, there was a large pool of high achieving, talented candidates. Two in particular, Jonathan and Jessica, impressed the selection panel with their   entrepreneurial spirit and passion for marketing.

2022 – Alana Consalvo & Lucy White

Among the excellent candidates in 2022 two stood out. Both Alana and Lucy shared a similar story and impressed the panel with their enthusiasm for marketing.



2021 – Millie Smith

Millie impressed the panel with her outstanding academic background, winning 16 academic awards and achieving school Dux. She is enthusiastic and articulate, with interest in broader issues such as entrepreneurship and sustainability.



2020 – Porsche Lattanzio

Porsche is an articulate, dedicated and inquisitive student. She impressed the panel with her public speaking experience, through her involvement in her school’s leadership and debating teams. 



2019 – Jarod Walter

Jarod impressed the selection panel with his academic ability and enthusiasm for marketing. During his interview he demonstrated a mature understanding of how business benefits the world and a desire to make positive impact on people’s lives through his career.



2018 – Luca Cimmino

The selection panel was impressed by Luca’s preparation for the interview, his professional communication skills and his design and graphics portfolio. Luca’s high work ethic was well rewarded in Year 12. In addition to his academic achievements, Luca was also elected to leadership roles.




2017 – Georgia Butterworth, Alexandra Green, Oliver Main

With a large pool of outstanding candidates in 2017 it was astonishingly difficult to choose a winner. The panel decided on an unprecedented number: three scholars. 



2016 – Danielle Talbot

Danielle demonstrated outstanding academic, work and volunteer history. She confirmed a keen interest in exploring the world of science and marketing. She was also the recipient of one of the University of South Australia 25th Anniversary Excellence Scholarships.


Maddie-Caines2015 – Madeleine Caines

Madeleine was a standout candidate and impressed the selection panel with her entrepreneurial flair, having already started several small businesses while at high school. She achieved outstanding results in her Year 12 studies, excelling in the areas of psychology, mathematics and English.



Gemma-Clancy2014 – Gemma Clancy

Gemma made a lasting impression on the interview panel with her outstanding academic results and extracurricular involvement in addition to her interest in developing marketing knowledge and skills to benefit not-for-profit organisations.



Eliza-Inglis2013 – Eliza Inglis

Eliza impressed the interview panel with her outstanding ATAR score of 99.0 and her final year research project which investigated brands and marketing. She demonstrated a keen interest in understanding the theory behind brand growth and buyer behaviour.



Kirsten-Victory2012 – Kirsten Victory

Kirsten impressed the selection panel with her excellent academic record including studies in communication and psychology. She demonstrated a passion for the field of market research and has aspirations to help local and global organisations grow and improve marketing strategies.



Emma-Primett-&-Sarah-Burton2011 – Sarah Burton & Emma Primett

Two scholarships were awarded in 2011 to promising students Sarah and Emma who both achieved outstanding ATAR scores of 99.8 and 98.2 respectively. Both candidates aspired to careers in the marketing field and demonstrated a readiness to make the most of their undergraduate studies.



Ella-Ward-22010 – Ella Ward

Ella was awarded the 2010 scholarship after impressing the interview panel with her outstanding academic achievements in both language and science-based subjects. She demonstrated a keen interest in the field of marketing as an area of study with lots of future opportunities and where knowledge was developing.



Terri-Harding2009 – Terri Harding

Terri was awarded the scholarship based on her outstanding academic achievements and extracurricular activities which included business studies and performing arts while also volunteering with organisations such as the Mary Magdalene Centre.



High-Res-Jana-&-Kellie-copy2007 – Kellie Loveless & Jana Fielke

Kellie & Jana were both awarded a scholarship in 2007 after they showed outstanding qualities and a potential for excellence via the strength of their academic achievements and experience gained from a wide range of extracurricular activities.



  2006 – Scott Reynolds

  2005 – Nicole Hartnett

  2004 – Katherine Anderson

  2003 – Liz Gunner & Lisa Liashenko

  2002 – Daniela Cavuoto

  2001 – Ryan Manuel



L-R: Nicole Hartnett (2005), Ryan Manuel (2001), Katherine Anderson (2004), Lisa Liashenko (2003) & Daniela Cavuoto (2002).


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