A selection of international awards and accolades the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute has received.






  • Ranked #1 most published university in Journal of Advertising Research in the past 60 years (Source: JAR)
  • Ranked #6 university in the world for research in marketing (based on citations) (Source: League of Scholars)
  • Prof Andrew Ehrenberg and Prof Rachel Kennedy are listed in the top 10 most published authors in Journal of Advertising Research in past 60 years (Source: JAR)
  • Prof John Dawes‘ paper, ‘The Natural Monopoly effect in brand purchasing‘ won best paper published in the Australian Marketing Journal for 2020.



  • Ranked #1 in the world (based on citations) for brand management research (Source: Australian Financial Review)
  • Aaron Michelon was awarded Best Player at the International Graduate Competition.
  • Yolanda Nguyen was awarded the Nestlé Marketing Future Leaders Award at the GradConnection Top100 Awards.



  • Skye Akbar was the first Aboriginal person to achieve a PhD in Marketing.


  • Prof. Byron Sharp and Prof. Jenni Romaniuk listed as the top 1% of academics publishing on advertising (Source: International Journal of Advertising)
  • Ranked #2 university in Australia for average HG-index citation score for marketing academics (Source: Australasian Marketing Journal)
  • “Like many insurgencies, this one has been fired by a book. How Brands Grow (OUP, 2010), is by Professor Byron Sharp, of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute at the University of South Australia. Most marketing books are long on airy assertion and short on rigour. How Brands Grow is the opposite. It is empirical, closely argued and, in its sober way, incendiary.” (Source: How the Mad Men lost the plot, The Financial Times, November 6)


  • Professor Byron Sharp Institute Director, Interviewed on Bloomberg TV – ‘Marketing 101 – Valuable lessons from 20th Century Brands’ (Source: Bloomberg TV, October 29)



  • Professor Anne Sharp receives the 2019 Business/Higher Education Round Table Award for Best Community Engagement (Source: Engagement Australia)

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