Each Ehrenberg-Bass Sponsor is on a journey to move step-by-step to evidence-based marketing. Each takes a different path depending on their corporate culture and motivation.

They are celebrating lower marketing costs, greater marketing effectiveness, and most importantly revenue growth.

Professor Byron Sharp, Institute Director and author of How Brands Grow

Benefits of Ehrenberg-Bass Sponsorship

Only our Sponsors have access to all of our important research, our latest findings, as well as the support they need to apply it to their business.

Our groundbreaking research tackles some of the biggest questions in marketing, and provides evidence-based answers:

  • How can advertising’s full effects be measured
  • What is the best way to allocate investment across brands?
  • When to advertise?
  • When to price discount?

Access to exclusive online resources
Only sponsors can access decades of research via our exclusive website and app. Quickly access topline findings or delve in deeper via marketing reports, articles, videos and more. Accessible on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Expert advice
Access the knowledge and advice of over 60 marketing scientists. Get in touch with your questions. We can offer advice or guide you to useful resources.

New marketing knowledge
The latest developments in marketing knowledge delivered to your inbox. We’ll share our latest research reports, new findings, useful articles and resources, and more – for you and your marketing team. We’ll highlight practical implications to guide decision making.

Seminars led by our Marketing Scientists
Our senior researchers will visit your team and present an in-depth, interactive seminar on a topic of your choice.


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