We specialise in research tools that are underpinned by robust evidence, especially related to what is necessary for profitable brand growth. Our research outcomes, recommendations and insights are immediately useful for developing your business and marketing strategy.

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Distinctive Assets Measurement

Distinctive assets play an important role in building a brand’s Mental and Physical Availability. These elements need to be developed and protected over the long-term and not left to chance or intuition.

Our empirically validated approach can assess the strength of your distinctive assets and advise on the opportunities and threats for building a strong long-term brand identity.

“Results were delivered with a focus on practical implementation. We’ve been able to measure our assets and prioritise which to use in the future for different business contexts.” Lubor Höschl, Trade & Shopping Insight Manager, Asahi Europe & International

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Laws of Growth Analysis

Our marketing scientists will analyse your data (e.g. standard panel data) to document the fundamental laws-of-growth patterns, and highlight any meaningful deviations that may exist.

Based on this research, we will tailor recommendations outlining the key steps you should take for profitable brand growth (e.g. identify opportunities for incremental penetration).

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Brand Metrics Review

Measuring and tracking key brand metrics is crucial. However many companies are reporting the wrong brand health metrics or using tracking instruments based on flawed research.

Our experts will review your brand metrics dashboard and current tools and provide evidence-based recommendations for improvements. The key output is the identification of a suite of suitable brand health and performance metrics.

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Identifying & Prioritising Category Entry Points (CEPs)

Category Entry Points (CEPs) are the building blocks of Mental Availability. This two-stage project identifies CEPs for your category, benchmarks your brand’s current performance and identifies priority CEPs to develop for the short and long term.

“Working with the Ehrenberg-Bass team on Category Entry Points was the most useful piece of research I have invested in for years. Away from brand tracking mumbo jumbo.” Keerti Nair, Head of Marketing Effectiveness and Digital Transformation, Kellogg Europe

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Media Planning Review

Media decision making is an increasingly complicated task. Now more than ever, grounding decisions in the evidence is vital. Evidence-based media decision making ensures advertisers are talking to the right audience, exposing that audience to communication when and where it matters most for brand growth.

Our Media Planning Review will help ensure your media decisions are aligned with the evidence.

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Better Brand Health Questionnaires & Metrics: The Workshop

In a small group of up to 10 people, we work through a brand tracking questionnaire from start to finish. This can be either your current tracker questionnaire or the Category Buyer Memory (CBM) tracker template.

We also cover data collection frequency, sampling issues and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This is an opportunity to improve how you measure, collect and analyse data and align your team on this key area of measurement.

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How Brands Grow – Live! 

Exclusively available to Ehrenberg-Bass Sponsors.

How Brands Grow – Live! is a two-day intensive workshop. We cover the Institute’s core knowledge, and empower your team to make smarter, more effective marketing decisions.

Your team will see the laws come to life with your own data and will learn how to separate marketing fact from fiction, and what to keep doing, start doing and stop doing.

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How Brands Grow – for Executives

Evidence-based Strategies for Growth.

How Brands Grow – for Executives is a 4-day knowledge development experience for individuals who want to learn and achieve evidence-based sustainable growth.

Gain insights from independent experts through interactive workshops and dynamic discussions, which will equip you with the critical evidence and tools to implement best-practice marketing techniques.

Delivered by world-class Ehrenberg-Bass Institute marketing leaders, this event leverages will show you:

  • The strategies that will (and won’t) lead to sustainable brand growth
  • The real-world value of different marketing tactics
  • How to incorporate evidence-based knowledge into your strategic decision-making and planning processes while bringing this knowledge back with you to up-skill your organisation

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The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science is the world’s largest centre for research into marketing. Our team of market research experts can help you grow your brand and develop a culture of evidence-based marketing.