Are your media decisions grounded in evidence?

The Media Planning Review allows you to ensure your media decisions are optimal.

A dynamic, complex field with a language all of its own, effective and efficient media decision making eludes many. And yet it is vital for building successful brands. Even the most quintessential of creative messages can not be effective without an audience. Evidence-based media decision making ensures that this audience has the right characteristics and is exposed to your communication when and where it matters most. 

Media research has a long history, and much is known about what media can (and importantly what it can not) do. Yet this fundamental media knowledge can sometimes get lost in a sea of new thinking, sea of data and creative ideas.  

The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute Media Planning Review provides the practitioner with the established evidence of how media works and brings clarity to the often murky waters of media decision making.

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Are your media decisions setting your brand up for success?

We systematically delve into your existing media practice to answer fundamental questions such as:

  • Are you targeting the right audience?
  •  Are the combination of platforms used appropriate for the given task?
  • Is the level of investment well justified and sufficient for the given objective? (Talk to us about an evidence-based media budgeting project if you are after help to justify and determine your budget).
  • Are you measuring and evaluating media choices with appropriate measurement?

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