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Laws of Growth Analysis has two purposes:

  1. To check if the Laws of Growth apply in your categories/countries. Showing this is important to engage the hearts and minds of your marketing executives on the evidence-based journey.
  2. To identify barriers to penetration, and market gaps. Quick, low risk, paths to sales growth.

The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute has conducted decades of research into marketing. This large body of research includes the discovery of a number of law-like patterns of buyer behaviour and brand performance.

Strategies that run counter to this evidence have been described as “trying to swim upstream” and “toxic behaviours”. This is why we refer to the law-like patterns as Laws of Growth.


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Identify how your brand competes.

Our scientists will analyse your data (e.g. standard panel data) to document the fundamental laws-of-growth patterns, and highlight notable deviations:

  • Is your market consistent with expected buyer behavior and loyalty patterns?
  • The role of different brands within your market—normal, niche or change-of-pace
  • The prevalence of light buyers in your customer base
  • Predictions of customer repeat rates
  • Substitutable and non-substitutable competing brands (variants and price points) in your market (e.g. identify sub-markets)
  • How your brand user profile compares with competing brands in terms of customer demographics, attitudes and media consumption.

Based on this research, we will then tailor recommendations outlining the key steps you should take for profitable brand growth (e.g. identify opportunities for incremental penetration).

The knowledge and insights will give you a new level of confidence to make marketing decisions and execute your growth strategy.

Ready to apply the Laws of Growth


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