The Scientific Method: A Guide to Finding Useful Knowledge

In this essential reference, the authors identify eight essential criteria for the practice of science and provide checklists to help identify useful knowledge. Not only for scientists the book is for all those who have a stake in science and the knowledge it produces. Research funders and policymakers will find guidance on how they can encourage scientific research that produces useful discoveries. Journalists, commentators, and practitioners in all fields can turn to this text for help with assessing the validity of scientists’ claims. The message of the book is complemented by Nobel Laureate Vernon L. Smith’s foreword.

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About the Author

Dr Kesten Green 

Senior Marketing Scientist

As well as one of the Institute’s Senior Marketing Scientists, Kesten is a leading forecasting researcher and is co-Director of and During his career Kesten has developed new and better forecasting methods, and has published on advertising, strategy, and public policy issues affecting businesses in, inter alia, International Journal of Forecasting, Journal of Business Research, and Journal of Public Policy & Marketing. He was previously a founder and director of four businesses, including a market research firm.


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