Fast-track your journey to evidence-based marketing

Designed as a fast-track option for Ehrenberg-Bass Sponsors, How Brands Grow – Live! is a two-day intensive workshop. We cover the Institute’s core knowledge, and empower your team to make smarter, more effective marketing decisions.


Evidence-based instruction on how to grow your brand

How Brands Grow – Live! helps Ehrenberg-Bass Sponsors to rise above competitors by providing the evidence and tools to make smarter decisions and implement world’s-best-practice marketing.

Our world-class marketing experts will draw on the latest research to demonstrate:

  • which strategies will (and won’t) achieve brand growth
  • how marketing interventions actually work
  • how you can integrate evidence-based knowledge into decision making and planning

Interactive, inspiring and practical

Learn how to separate marketing fact from fiction, and what to keep doing, start doing and stop doing.

By the end of the program your team will have strong foundation of understanding on:

  • the benefits of an evidence-based approach to marketing
  • mental and physical availability and why being easier to buy is such a strong competitive advantage
  • distinctive assets and how to build memory structures devoted to your brands
  • the laws of growth in relation to brand buying, brand competition, customer bases and brand buyer profiles

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See the laws come to life with your own data

Through analysis of your data we will will be able to:

  • show exactly how the laws of growth apply to your company, categories, and the different countries you operate in
  • test how well your data fits expected patterns and, if deviations exist, describe them and discuss their meaning

Perhaps most importantly, discussing your own data will increase your team’s engagement, and preparedness to trust this knowledge.

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The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science is the world’s largest centre for research into marketing. Our team of market research experts can help you grow your brand and develop a culture of evidence-based marketing.