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‘Thank you for making me feel smart’: will a new campaign to raise the status of teaching work?

Federal and state governments have just launched a A$10 million advertising campaign to “raise the status” of teachers in Australia and encourage people to consider a career in school education. Called “Be That Teacher”, the campaign features emotive stories from eight real teachers who have positively affected their students’ lives and futures.

3 main laws of brand growth in these uncertain times

Professor Magda Nenycz-Thiel from the world-famous Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science explains which 3 basic laws of brand growth marketers should keep in mind in today's complex times. See in a short interview for the MARKETERIS.sk portal

We all want to be “TikTok famous”! Or do we?

In this article, new research presented by Alicia Barker at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute's 2023 Mental and Physical Availability Summit is highlighted, which challenges the idea that a brand can differentiate itself through strongly messaging a single attribute.


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