This book is for anyone with a brand.

It is a book about future-proofing your brand’s identity. It will help you set up a long-term strategy to build your Distinctive Assets, and give you tips on how to protect them.

You’ll learn which branding strategies work, and which don’t, so you can take advantage of opportunities and avoid minefields.  

Building Distinctive Brand Assets explores strategy, tactics and insights from a wide range of asset types including celebrities, taglines, jingles and advertising based assets.  Combining academic rigour and practical advice, this is a book you will return to again and again, as you face the ongoing challenges of today’s branding environment.

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About the Author

Professor Jenni Romaniuk
Associate Director (International) – Ehrenberg-Bass Institute

Jenni is a Research Professor and Associate Director (International) at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, and a pioneer in Distinctive Asset and Mental Availability strategy and measurement.  She has advised companies all over the world on best practice, long-term brand management, using evidence-based knowledge.  Jenni is on the Senior Advisory Board of the Journal of Advertising Research and serves on three other Editorial Review Boards.  She is also the lead author of How Brands Grow Part 2 (Oxford University Press, 2015).

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