Marketing: Theory, Evidence, Practice – Second Edition

Published: Oxford University Press, November 2018

This new edition includes: New chapters on selling and sales management, developing and implementing a marketing plan and social marketing, as well as new practitioner profiles and case studies.

Stockists include:



Marketing: Theory, Evidence, Practice

Published: Oxford University Press, 2012

Many textbooks are heavy on conceptual theory, and very light on evidence, and they neglect areas that are important to working managers. This textbook Marketing: Theory, Evidence, Practice provides scientific evidence, along with enlivening case studies, evidence based theory and practical guidelines.

Stockists include:

Professor Byron Sharp 

Director – Ehrenberg-Bass Institute

Byron Sharp is a Professor of Marketing Science and Director of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute – the world’s largest centre for research into marketing. 

His first book How Brands Grow: what marketers don’t know has been called one of the most influential marketing books of the past decade (Warc, 2015) and was voted marketing book of the year by AdAge readers. In 2015 he published the follow-up How Brands Grow Part 2 with Professor Jenni Romaniuk. He has also written a textbook Marketing: Theory, Evidence, Practice which reflects modern knowledge about marketing and evidence-based thinking. The revised 2nd edition of the textbook was published in 2017.

Byron has co-hosted, with Professor Jerry Wind, two conferences at the Wharton Business School on the laws of advertising, and is on the editorial board of five journals. 


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