Marketing Planning & Strategy

This book guides you concisely through the marketing planning process from start to finish, drawing on examples from large brands like Ikea and Krispy Kreme to digital start-ups like Starling Bank. The book features a dedicated chapter on marketing strategy concepts to help you understand how they link to market, firm or decision-related factors.

Practical in its step-by-step approach and inclusion of activities and scenarios, and written simply while still underpinned by marketing strategy scholarship, this book will help you to develop your marketing decision-making throughout by learning key skills such as how to do a SWOT analysis and how to budget and forecast correctly.

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About the Author

Professor John Dawes 

Associate Director (Operations)

John has over 20 years of marketing research experience. His areas of expertise are: the effects of price promotions, market structure analysis and repeat-buying loyalty.

John’s research has been published in many top marketing journals including the Journal of Advertising Research, Journal of Business Research and Journal of Retailing. John’s findings have also been published in the Wall Street Journal.


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