Alicia Barker

Senior Marketing Scientist

Alicia Barker is a Senior Marketing Scientist at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute. Her research expertise include Consumer Behaviour and Mental Availability, which she investigates across both brands and subcategories. She is also interested in tiny brand growth strategies.

Alicia’s research has been published in the Journal of Consumer Behaviour and presented at Australian and European marketing conferences. She has also written pieces for industry publications WARC and B&T.

Alicia manages Category Entry Point and Distinctive Asset research projects across a diverse range of countries and categories. She is particularly interested in subcategory CEP research.


Academic Publications

Barker, A (2022), Small but mighty: tiny brand advertising strategies.B&T,

Vaughan, K, & Barker, A (2021), Effective brand growth: acquisition or retention. WARC,

Chowdhury, S, Barker, A, Trinh, G, & Lockshin, L (2021), Using the Dirichlet model to predict how fashion brands compete and grow on eBay. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Vol 21, No. 1, pp. 63-79.


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