1st of January 2024

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Jenni Romaniuk: don’t trust me, trust science. It leads to smarter decisions

The correct measurement of brand health is one of the most valuable tools for marketers, emphasized Jenni Romaniuk in an interview for MAM (43/2023) , which took place shortly after her presentation at the Brand Management 2023 conference. As a New Year’s gift, a conversation with a professor from the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute and the author of the expert bestsellers How Brands Grow — Part 2, Building Distinctive Brand Assets and last year’s news Better Brand Health, we present it in full.

In 2019, when you performed in Prague for the first time, you spoke about the seven sins of marketing. Have there been any new ones since then?
Not exactly. Rather, I noticed different ways of doing old things. For example, before covid there were far more people who wanted to disrupt everything. Now it seems to me that on the contrary, the trend is that people jump much faster on the wave of criticism of any changes. It would be good to find a middle ground.

This time you focused on measuring the health of brands, about which you published a publication this year. Can you introduce your work?
Anyone involved in monitoring brand health wants to understand why to do it and how to do it right. For years, people have told me that measurement frustrates them. They don’t like how it works and see no use for it. So the goal is to make the most of what is often one of the biggest spenders in a marketer’s research budget. Because when done right, it can be one of the most valuable tools at their disposal.

As I understand it, you are trying to get into the minds of the shoppers. It is so?
It’s about understanding whether you’ve laid the right foundation so that the next time someone is in a buying situation, they’re more likely to consider your brand. And in addition to knowing how to measure these basics and how to interpret the obtained data.

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