12th of December 2022

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Marketing success through Packaging Design: ‘Different always wins’

The difficulty with any design assignment is how to make something that you have never seen before, but at the same time remain recognizable within the product category.

In March 2020, the Netherlands was in its first lockdown. The owners of Williams Canteen Rotterdam were determined ‘not to lose their bar’, but how? How could they prevent that? By doing what they are good at. And that is letting people enjoy the tastiest cocktails, wherever they are. After a period of trial and error, they became masters of higher chemistry.

Six perfect cocktails for canning were developed. They found that a can is ideal for a cocktail; always a perfectly measured mix and the taste remains optimal for months. Immediately ready to be served. A case description….


Different always wins

We do not believe that branding is part of marketing, but the other way around. The brand is what drives the business and makes marketing easier. We work from the Marketing theory of Byron Sharp of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute. The Ehrenberg-Bass marketing universe has no place for Brand Love, loyalty campaigns, differentiation or hypertargeting. There is only ‘Mental Availability’ and ‘Physical Availability’.

A simple yet profound mental model, which states that buyers choose brands that are ‘Easy to mind’ and ‘Easy to find’. According to the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, brands grow by acquiring new customers, not by increasing customer loyalty. Brands compete through ‘meaningless distinctiveness’ – design, logos, characters, typography, colors – not through meaningful differentiation. Take, for example, the banking sector. Banks all provide exactly the same services. One is more sustainable than the other, but you can open an account or take out a mortgage anywhere. Yet they all look different and appeal to you with their own tone of voice.

Different always wins. That is the vision within our branding studio, with a focus on design and advertising. We create and build brands that dare to be different. Williams Premium Canned Cocktails fits in perfectly with that.

A brand is nothing but a network of associations in your head. Every experience with the brand builds on that network of associations. The best and biggest brands in the world have been building the same associations for years. The ‘Tasty’ from Albert Heijn. Get the best out of yourself like Nike’s ‘Just do it’. Red Bull gives you wings.

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