3rd of June 2019

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Mary Kay Awards Doctoral Dissertation Awards at 2019 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference

The AMS Mary Kay Doctoral Dissertation Awards provide doctoral students with funding needed to complete their educational journeys.

Mary Kay, an international leader in corporate and social responsibility, today announced winners of the Mary Kay Doctoral Dissertation and Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Awards at the 2019 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference in Toronto. The awards, which have been provided annually by the iconic beauty company for more than 25 years, celebrate doctoral candidates in marketing based on the quality of their dissertation research and their final presentations at the AMS Annual Conference.

Doctoral students from programs at any recognized university, college of higher learning, business school or management school worldwide were eligible for the AMS Mary Kay Doctoral Dissertation Awards. This year’s winners were:

2019 Mary Kay Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Award

1. Shaobo Li, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

2. Junzhou Zhang, Old Dominion University

2019 Mary Kay Doctoral Dissertation Award

1. Kiran Pedada, Texas Tech University

2. Anh Dang, Old Dominion University

3. Martin Hirche, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, University of South Australia

“Mary Kay fosters a culture of innovation, empowerment and continuous education with our independent sales force and employees around the world,” said Beth Lopez, Vice President of Global Sales Education for Mary Kay. “We were so impressed by the dissertation presentations at this year’s AMS Annual Conference. We look forward to providing mentorship and networking opportunities to our winners as they pursue their noble goal of continuous education.”

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