Dr Charles Graham

Adjunct Professor/ Senior Marketing Scientist

Charles is an Adjunct Professor/ Senior Marketing Scientist at the Institute based in London. He is an active member of the Institute’s category growth research team and has contributed to a number of market research projects for Ehrenberg-Bass Sponsors.

Charles has extensive experience in long-term behavioural loyalty and competitive market structures. His wider research interests include category growth, predictable outcomes of retail footfall flows and the audience for in-app advertising. His work has been published in International Marketing Review, The Journal of Strategic Marketing, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services and the Australasian Marketing Journal.

Academic Publications

Graham, C., O’Rourke, G., & Khan, K. M. (2023). The Double Jeopardy in high street footfall. Journal of Place Management and Development. 16 (4), 541-560.

Graham, C., & Kennedy, R. (2022). Quantifying the target market for advertisers. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 21(1), 33-48.

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Tanusondjaja, A., Graham, C., Dunn, S., Nenycz-Thiel, M., & McColl, B. (2021). A rising tide lifts all boats: the role of share and category changes in managing organic sales growth. Journal of Strategic Marketing, 1-18.

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