Dr Nick Danenberg

Manager: Special Projects

Dr Nick Danenberg is Manager, Special Projects and a Senior Marketing Scientist at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute. He has a long history in commercial market research, and is a founding researcher at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science. He has extensive research experience using both qualitative and quantitative techniques that have benefited many of Australasia’s leading corporations as well as many government agencies. He has conducted research for numerous large corporations globally.

Nick also has a solid foundation in the client side of marketing research, through holding various sales and marketing positions with some of Australia’s best known companies in the services and the manufacturing sectors. Nick’s areas of research focus are advertising and media effectiveness, targeting and loyalty. He has presented his research in these areas at many industry and academic conferences both in Australia and internationally.

Nick was recently the Research and Development Manager with online marketing agency e-Channel Search Dynamic Creative for three years before re-joining the Institute in 2015.



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