Dr Peilin Phua

Senior Marketing Scientist

Peilin‘s research focuses on consumer buying behaviour and advertising effectiveness. Her work has been published in A-ranked journals such as the Journal of Advertising Research, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, and International Journal of Market Research. She has also collaborated with leading grocery, retail, and insurance companies. Her industry expertise is identifying category entry points, setting data-driven advertising budgets, and tracking brand health performance.

Beyond research, Peilin actively contributes to the academic community. She serves on the Editorial Review Board for the International Journal of Advertising and teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the University of South Australia. Her unique blend of industry and research experience allows her to bring actionable insights to the classroom, preparing students for successful careers in marketing.

Academic Publications

Bali, L., Anesbury, Z., Phua, P., Sharp, B, 2024 ‘How prevalent are suggestive brand names and Distinctive Assets? An AI-human approach‘, International Journal of Market Research

Phua, P., Page, B., Trinh, G., Hartnett, N., & Kennedy, R, 2023 ‘Does Childhood Exposure to a Brand Improve Brand Name Recognition?: Comparing Age-of-Acquisition Effects with Ongoing Brand Exposure and Experience‘, Journal of Advertising Research63(4), 370-383.

P Phua, N Hartnett, V Beal, G Trinh, R Kennedy 2023, ‘When Brands Go Dark: A Replication and Extension: Examining Market Share of Brands That Stop Advertising for a Year or Longer‘, Journal of Advertising Research 63 (2), 172-184

P Phua, R Kennedy, G Trinh, B Page, N Hartnett 2020, ‘Examining older consumers’ loyalty towards older brands in grocery retailing’, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 52, 101893

Phua, P, Page, B, & Bogomolova, S, 2015, ‘Validating Bluetooth logging as metric for shopper behaviour studies‘, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 22, 158-163.

Phua P, Kennedy R, Trinh G, Hartnett N, Page B, 2017 (Forthcoming), Age of acquisition of brand names, ANZMAC (Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy), Melbourne.

Phua P, Kennedy R, Trinh G, Hartnett N, Page B, 2016, ‘Older consumers and long-established brands: Exploring the whys on their brand choices’, ANZMAC (Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy), 5-7 December, Christchurch, New Zealand.


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