Monica Orlovic

Marketing Academic

Monica is an experienced university educator and market researcher. Her research expertise covers buyer behaviour, marketing metrics, retail brand performance, and the application of prior knowledge. She regularly presents leading edge research on buyer behaviour, and has spoken at international conferences.

Academic Publications

Tolo, M., Riebe, E. and Sharp, B. 2000, ‘Explaining retail brand performance – an application of prior knowledge’,  Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academic Conference, Gold Coast, Griffith University, QLD.

Tolo, M., Riebe, E. and Sharp, B. 2001, ‘Explaining retail brand performance – comparing a model’s predictions to informal prior knowledge’,  Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academic Conference, Auckland, Massey University, NZ.

Tolo, M., Giannopoulos, A. and Sharp, B. 2001, ‘A differentiated brand should appeal to a special segment of the market but it doesn’t!’, Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academic Conference, Auckland, Massey University, NZ.

Tolo, M. and Sharp, B. 2001, ‘Meaningful information or just raw data?’, B&T Weekly


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