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$10,000 Ehrenberg-Bass undergraduate scholarships available.

The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute is offering up to ten, AUD$10,000 Scholarships for students commencing study from 2024 in one of the University of South Australia Undergraduate Marketing degrees for the first time. We encourage applicants transferring from other degrees.


Eligibility criteria: 

To be eligible applicants must:

  • be enrolled in Bachelor of Business (Marketing), Bachelor of Marketing and Communication or Bachelor of Business (Design and Marketing) at UniSA, commencing 2024, and have not previously studied a marketing degree at the University of South Australia, and
  • have an ATAR of 90+ OR a GPA of 5.5+.

Full and part-time domestic students welcome to apply. Available to school leavers, current students (transferring from other degrees) and those new to tertiary study.

Up to 10 scholarships will be awarded on the basis of perceived potential for excellence in marketing. Scholarship winners will receive AUD$10,000 tax free in fortnightly instalments across their first year of study. Pro-rata payments will apply for part-time students.

Application process:

Complete the form below to register your interest. Eligible candidates will be invited to formally apply. Further details will be provided to those who complete the form below.


Register for info:


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