Playing the long game in China: how the Chinese lexicon can support market development

Author: Cohen, Justin

Abstract: The article presents the key research outcomes of the Australian Grape and Wine Authority funded Chinese lexicon project, within a broader context of research insights, which will facilitate firms seeking to develop a sustainable competitive advantage in the China wine market. Australia has the opportunity to educate and communicate with this much larger cohort of potential wine buyers in a more culturally suited manner; a long-term vision rather than just a focus on short-term success is essential to achieve this according to this research. The authors discuss the associated challenges with this, however highlight that it could be a key factor in developing a sustainable competitive advantage for Australia in China. In their opinion, it is the job of Australia to find ways
 to engage these potential customers, educate them about wine in general and Australian wine in particular. The Chinese lexicon has a role in improving the wine knowledge of Chinese direct sellers.

Co-author(s): Lockshin, Larry; Corsi, Armando

Publication: Wine and Viticulture Journal, Vol. 29, no. 6 (2014), pp. 56-57

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