Reasons why people avoid wine: comparisons between consumers and non-consumers across five countries

Author: Ovington, Linda

Abstract: The article summarises a study conducted to determine the main reasons for consumer wine avoidance. Reasons are determined for both wine ‘avoiders’ and wine consumers. Wine ‘avoiders’ are considered to be those who consumer wine at 0-5% of their total beverage consumption, taking into consideration those who may drink wine at a special occasion or if offered a glass and not wanting to decline. The research was conducted with participants of legal drinking age from Australia, the US, Canada, the UK (all established markets) and India (an emerging market). An online questionnaire was constructed following a series of focus groups in each country which revealed 26 possible reasons for wine avoidance. Regression analysis of the online questionnaire results indicated the most important reasons for wine avoidance in each country, using significance levels. The two most significant reasons for wine-avoiders did not like the taste, and difficulties with wine selection. For wine consumers the reasons for avoidance appeared to depend of the consumption context

Co-author(s): Saliba, Anthony; McIntyre, Erica; Bruwer, Johan

Publication: Wine and Viticulture Journal, Vol. 30, no. 4 (2015), pp. 72-73

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