A tale of two markets

Author: Lockshin, Larry

Abstract: This article discusses the highly contrasting American wine drinking and consumption culture to that in Australia. The author Larry Lockshin discusses a set of consumers who are significantly less engaged with the brand, region or even variety of wine they consume, deeming the histories and stories behind Australia’s most iconic wines, meaningless. Lockshin notes cases where ‘fictitious histories’ are created for brands, once they are managed by large American consumer goods companies or conglomerate alcohol companies, in attempts to ‘reposition’ the wines and increase profits. Ultimately, Lockshin argues, that this fake positioning of Australian wines in overseas markets will confuse the trade and denigrate once strong and high quality brand images, resulting in lower prices and quality in the long term

Publication: WBM. Australia’s Wine Business Magazine, October 2014, pp. 54-55

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